Spleen Laceration During Colonoscopy

Have a case where a woman went in for her second screening colonoscopy and sustained a severe spleen laceration, hospitalization, spleen removal and almost died .
No abdominal surgeries or change in anatomy between first screening colonoscopy and second one that resulted in laceration. Is this ever a deviation …?
She was discharged home with complaints of pain. However, I suspect this is not a good angle causally since she would have needed repair surgery anyway.

medQuest Expert Responses:
Rare but accepted complication of this procedure and as such no issue never a deviation.
Dr SL – GI

Splenic injury, including rupture is a known, uncommon to rare complication of colonoscopy. The operator may damage the spleen without excessive force, or inherently poor technique. Sometimes anatomy is such that there is a tight turn of the colon, under the left rib cage, in the area of the spleen. This can transmit excessive pressures on the spleen, without the patient or operator being aware. The symptoms of splenic injury may not manifest immediately.The issue is less that the splenic injury occurred, but that it was discovered and treated appropriately, in a timely manner. “Is this ever a deviation?” Yes, but not usually.
Dr AH – GI