Should Your Firm Offshore Threshold Evaluations & Plaintiff Fact Sheets?


Every Mass Tort Law Firm should prioritize cost containment when processing client files. Organizing, summarizing and reviewing medical charts of large plaintiff classes creates headaches for attorneys and staff alike. Keeping medical records in-house minimizes efficient use of staff resources and cannot be expensed to the file. Furthermore it creates huge volumes of paper that must be managed, including scanning for electronic delivery and storage. If any type of legal work requires efficiencies that necessitate an outside solution, it is Mass Tort litigation. Plaintiff firms are exploring the practice of offshoring medical record services to India and other similar economies to cut overhead, costs and increase profits. Our featured service company, Record Reform, employs over 100 India based physicians who review thousands of cases monthly for more than 800 US client firms. Please contact CEO Elliot Stone, Esq at 800-633-6251×104 or by email

Costs of Offshoring to MDs versus In-house or RN Reviewers

Record Reform MDs charge $35 per hour, about half the hourly rate of independent RN consultants. Their physicians review and highlight key class parameters to determine claimant inclusion in the class and prepare Plaintiff Fact Sheets . Their Mass Tort Matrix sm is ideal for screening large classes for as low as $70 per plaintiff. Excel spreadsheets, displaying all class data, are prepared evaluating critical parameters with hyperlinks embedded that link to claimant’s medical record for ease of verification.

Record Reform physicians are organized into teams to handle specific litigations such as TVM, Granuflo, Depuy, consequently thousands of reviews can be completed in a relatively short amount of time – two to three weeks

Online document transmission can be easily accomplished. First, legal staff completes an order form, scans all records and uploads them (up to 25,000 pages per transmission) via a HIPAA compliant internet portal to their secure Indian facility. Free estimates are then provided. Thereafter, organized digital files are downloaded and returned in the identical fashion with invoice.

Once Record Reform staff in India receives the medical records, they reduce, sort and organize them into a text – based medical file. Any PDF documents are converted into text – based files as well. The finished product is a thorough text-based medical record summary that is presented chronologically – enabling the reviewer to better and more quickly understand a sequence of events. Important points in the summary can be highlighted in yellow. The file is delivered in either WORD or PDF formats. The PDF format option may include two digital navigation tools – Hyperlinks and Bookmarks. Hyperlinks allow for instant navigation from summaries and timelines to corresponding source pages by clicking on the desired corresponding source page. Bookmarks form a digital table of contents allowing for organization of documents by user-defined categories such as provider and date.

New York City based Record Reform also produces chronologies, demand letters, medical expense reports, liability and causation opinions for personal injury, medical malpractice and nursing home litigation. Medical record retrieval is also available.

Please contact Elliot Stone, CEO of Record Reform, directly with any of your questions. He can be reached at 800-633-6251×104 or at . Ask about their FREE trial offer. Website:

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