Working through Loopholes of the HITECH ACT

Utilizing The HITECH Act With Our Record Retrieval Expertise
Will Save You Time & Money

HITECH ACT Benefits and Limitations:
Though promising the HITECH Act is not the panacea many attorneys believe for high medical record retrieval costs. The Act contains much grey area but here’s our approach with advantages:
  1. The HITECH Act says that providers must send electronic medical records at a reasonable fee(undefined).  In most cases you will not receive records for free, but if you use our services we will work to reduce the fees to “reasonable”. Reasonable fees varybetween $5.00-$60.00 depending on level of effortneeded to pull records.
  2. If your file is less than 50 pages, most state per page fees will be less than the reasonable fee charged citing the HITECH Act. READ MORE
Let Us Be Your Medical Records Manager
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Our investment in great technology allows you be more efficient, saving both money and staff time. Unlike competitors, we charge one low flat fee without the hidden charges.