Taking Full Advantage of the HITECH ACT

Utilizing the HITECH Act with our Medical Record Retrieval Expertise Will Save You Time and Money

HITECH ACT Benefits and Limitations:

Though promising The HITECH Act is not the panacea  many attorneys believe for high medical record retrieval costs.  We  obtain  thousands of electronic medical records each month at reduced rates for attorney clients. There is a lot of gray area in the HITECH Act but here’s our approach with advantages:

  1. The HITECH Act says that providers must send electronic medical records at a reasonable fee, but there is not mention to what is exactly reasonable.  In most cases you will not receive records for free, but if you use our services we will work to reduce the fees to reasonable.  We often see the reasonable fees charged to be between $5.00-$60.00 depending on level of effort to pull records (may have to combine records from several databases)
  2. If your file is less than 50 pages, most state statue per page fees will be less than the reasonable fee charged citing the HITECH Act.
  1. Less than 5% of major hospital systems have fully implemented Electronic Health Record databases (EHR). If a provider does not store 100% electronic medical records, than they are not required to comply.  Make sure you are armed with correct information before you decide to fight over fees charged.  Simply asking them to scan paper records and put them on a CD does not constitute an electronic record.
  2. We ask for electronic records in every request that we do. This has dramatically helped decrease the overall average provider fee that we pay for our clients.  Even if they are not 100% electronic, by citing the HITECH Act, providers often just charge reasonable fees.  Let us help you save money on every one of your requests.
  3. We aggressively police provider fees ensuring they adhere to state and HITECH ACT provisions
  4. We have streamlined our request process with e.g. Healthport and Kaiser Permanente locations and have an account with their Central ROI Units. Benefits include:

    • Requests fulfilled quickly. No need to prepay due to our longstanding volume relationship with these providers
    • Electronic request accepted vs previously mailed paper request
    • Same day confirmation that request was received
    • Payment process is now automated
    • Electronic records received back in most cases
    • Receive records much faster