Record Retrieval

Unburden staff • Reduce overhead • Bill to file

Record Reform offers the fastest, most affordable and secure medical record retrieval in the industry.

It’s all about price and speed.  We built a database with that in mind. We use a three touch point follow up approach.  Our database autofaxes and emails all providers while our live call center follows up 1-2 times weekly.

Our investment in great technology allows us to be much more efficient, so we pass the savings to clients.  Unlike our competitors we charge one low flat fee of $39.95 without all the hidden fees.

Service Highlights:

  • $39.95 flat fee per record regardless of record size
  • 19 day average turnaround time
  • Record organization and evaluation by MDs are available seamlessly once records are obtained
  • We advance all provider fees
  • Provider fees reviewed for accuracy
  • Available order status 24/7
  • Real-time notification when order is ready
  • We are HIPAA compliant and employ 256 bit encryption, 4x the security of online banking on our website and for each document

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