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Adjustors Take Notice of Demand Letters by MDs
$35 per hour ♦ Free up Staff ♦ File Expense
Client Testimonial:
Since utilizing Record Reform’s MDs for my Demands, settlement offers have increased 15-20%. I attribute it to the medical chronology listed in the demand that substantiates the injuries, medical treatment and prognosis. The cost is minimal and allows me to redeploy staff more efficiently.
Randy Pelham, Esq
The Pelham Law Firm
Tallahassee, FL
Our Physicians in India work with a US Attorney to prepare 
Demand Letters after reviewing medical records, bills & expenses.
Exhibits That Enhance Case Value
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:  Chronologies
Exhibit D:  Narrative Summaries
Our team of over 150+ MDs reduce, organize and review charts for $35/hr, a billable expense, producing:
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