Low Cost Narrative Summaries & Medical Chronologies by MDs

Our MDs in India Prepare Easy to Follow Narrative Summaries & Medical Chronologies
$35/hr ♦ Reduces Staff & Review Time ♦ File Expense
Narrative Summaries
Chronologies & Timelines 
  • Records are organized
  • Flowing record summary
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  • Records sorted & categorized
  • Detailed record summaries
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This is an amazing product at an amazing price. And timely delivered. I can’t thank you enough for organizing and explaining these voluminous records in a way I can understand and utilize.
Lesley Harris, Esq
Santa Cruz, CA
Since utilizing Record Reform’s MDs for my Demands, settlement offers have increased15-20%. I attribute it to the medical chronology listed in the demand that substantiates the injuries, medical treatment and prognosis. The cost is minimal and allows me to redeploy staff more efficiently.

Randy Pelham, Esq
The Pelham Law Firm
Tallahassee, FL