Low Cost Medical Chronologies & Narrative Summaries by MDs

Our Physician Partners in India Prepare Easy to Follow
Medical Chronologies & Narrative Summaries

     $35/hr ♦ Reduces Review Time ♦ Billable Expense

Chronologies & Timelines Narrative Summaries 
  • Records sorted & categorized
  • Detailed record summaries
    See Sample
  • Records are organized
  • Flowing record summary
    See Sample

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Why Our Clients Are Drawn To Offshoring:

  • Just $35 per hour
  • Reduce Overhead
  • CEO a former US Trial Lawyer
  • Free Up Staff
  • File Expense
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Paperless
  • 150+ MD Reviewers


This is an amazing product at an amazing price. And timely delivered. I can’t thank you enough for organizing and explaining these voluminous records in a way I can understand and utilize.


Lesley Harris, Esq
Santa Cruz, CA

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