Record Reform Questions & Answers

Q: How are the files transferred?

A. Simply go to website and follow easy to use instructions. We use a secure, HIPAA compliant internet portal for source file uploads and downloading organized files, summaries and hyperlinks. File formats accepted are DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG, TIF, ZIP, and SIT.

Q: What is the normal turn around time?

A. The normal turnaround time is 2 weeks for a medical record review but can be expedited if necessary for an additional 25% charge.

Q: Are Quotes & Time Estimates Available in Advance?

A: Yes. Before uploading your file simply request a quote in Step 1.

Q: What’s the experience of reviewing Physicians?

A: Our highly trained physicians from India perform the initial organizing and opinion related work and are experts in their respective fields – many commanding over 20+ years of clinical experience.

Q: Do you assist in locating testifying experts in the US?

A. Yes. Testifying US experts may be secured through medQuest, Ltd, a nationally recognized New York expert search firm. medQuest provides experts from all specialties nationwide for medical malpractice, pharmaceutical, product liability, personal injury and nursing home cases. medQuest experts are available to attorneys for case reviews, IME’s, physical exams and testimony. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

Q: What computer hardware and software do I need to use the service?

A: Any computer with high-speed Internet access.

Q: If the medical records are on a CD how do I forward them onto you?

A: Transfer files from CD to hard drive (drag and drop). Then transfer directly to our server.

Q: If I receive additional Medical Records can they be added to my chronology?

A: Yes. We can add additional records to the chronology if it was delivered in Word format. If it was delivered in PDF format with Bookmarks or Hotlinks, we can add records but additional time and expense are involved.

Q: Can you work with our Case Management Software?

A: Yes. We can access medical records that are filed in Case Management Systems such as Needles or TrialWorks. We can also summarize and enter information into fact and issue management software such as CaseMap.

Q : If there are records from different providers, should those be scanned separately as PDF files with individual titles, or do you want one single PDF file?

A: Separate PDFs is better since we use the PDF name to identify the source on the chronology.

Q : Which web browser should I use?

A: We highly recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome Some users have issues uploading with Internet Explorer.

Q : How do I transfer from Disk/CD/Thumbdrive?

A: Select file from device or transfer file to hard drive then upload to our website.

Q : How many pages can I upload at one time?

A: You can upload up to 20,000 pages. If you need to upload more pages repeat step 2.

Q : Can I upload more than 1 file?

A: Click ‘add file’ repeatedly for the desired amount of files you want uploaded

Q : Would it be possible for the relevant bates number(s) to be referenced in the summary that is sent to us?

A: Yes. It is a standard capture in our chronology/summary.

Q : Will I receive confirmation that the file has been received?

A: Yes, generally on the following day

Q : Should I request hyperlinks and other technical services if additional records might be forwarded?

A: No as there will be a duplication of work it is better to wait until records are received

Q : Is any payment received before work is done?

A: An invoice will accompany the completed service

Q : Can highlighted notes or post-its be attached to the final PDF file?

A: Yes. The attorney or expert just needs to download the free Nitro PDF Reader here You can read the notes without Nitro but you must download Nitro to add notes.  For the iPad you can download the Goodreader PDF viewer app for $5 here