Deposition Summaries

Our Physicians and supporting team provide complete, organized summaries of the entire transcript – saving reviewing time and costs. Our paperless, web-based system simplifies the way you send transcripts to us and receive your completed summaries. Our Med-a-Word feature is available to define medical terminology while Hyperlinks allow for instant navigation to source page(s).

$1.25 per transcript page, regardless of the subject matter of the transcript (25% expedite surcharge).

Two basic summary formats are available to meet your specific needs;

  • Topic – organize the testimony into specific relevant topics of your choice for a quick overview ie by medical, military and work history.
  • Page-Line – the transcript is summarized in order, separated into topics with relevant page-line references. Useful for easy deposition navigation and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire testimony and facts.

PDF delivery format include Hyperlinks that allow for instant navigation to the respective source pages (add 10% to underlying bill)

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