Medical Chronologies | Medical Summaries | Medical Timelines For $35 Per Hour

  • chronology-2Medical Records are sorted and categorized
  • The finished product is a thorough text-based medical record summary that is presented chronologically – making it easy to understand a sequence of events as effectively and quickly as possible
  • Important points in the summary are highlighted in yellow
  • Highlighted notes or post-its can be attached to the chronology or records.
  • Accurately captures the medical record dates, procedure(s), treatment/occurrence(s) and other customized data fields.
  • Duplicate records are deleted and a log is created of the deleted records
  • Can be delivered in WORD format or PDF format
  • PDF format include options for:
    • Hyperlinks that allow for instant navigation to the respective source pages; and,
    • Bookmarking allows for the organization of documents by user-defined categories.
    • Med-a-Word provides instant definitions of medical terminology.
    • Post-its option allow easy in-document note taking.
    • Printable version that contains tab sheets
  • OCR searching for key words and phrases
  • Reviewer’s time may be reduced by as much as 50%