Record Reform® – Revolutionizing Medical Record Services

Free up staff, reduce litigation costs – $35 per hr by MDs as a file expense

see-video-demoOrganizing, summarizing and reviewing medical charts creates headaches for attorneys and staff alike. Keeping medical records in-house minimizes efficient use of staff resources and cannot be expensed to the file. Furthermore it creates a huge amount of paper that must be managed, including scanning for electronic delivery and storage. Firms are turning to offshoring medical record services to cut overhead, costs and increase profits.

Our physicians in India reduce, organize & review digital files producing Medical Chronologies and Timelines, Demand Letters, Mass Tort Evaluations and Plaintiff Fact Sheets and Medical Opinions.

Record Reform employs over 100 India based physicians who review thousands of cases monthly. Physicians are organized into teams to handle specific litigations e.g. medical malpractice, nursing home or mass tort, providing consistent quality with rapid turnaround. We are fully HIPAA compliant. Employees receive HIPAA training with ongoing education.

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