Vocational Assessment on a Lien

● No out of pocket ● No Interest ● Pay at settlement

Vocational analysis is a critical component of a comprehensive assessment of the economic damages in both catastrophic and non-catastrophic cases. Multiple sources of research data are referenced in order to develop the following components; anticipated length of the rehab program, vocational handicaps, impact on placement & range of job alternatives, rehab plan and pre & post-injury vocational development options and alternatives. We can then project long-term losses and reduce them to present day value.

Vocational Analysis Criteria


  • Potential to work in the competitive labor market
  • Loss of access to the labor market
  • Loss of earning capacity as the result of an injury


  • Educational and occupational history of parents and other family members
  • Child’s educational records
  • Standardized test results


  • Vocational Report – $4,750
  • $3,000 Cash

Our Vocational Experts are available for client evaluation and testimony

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