Life Care Plans on a Lien

● No out of pocket   ● No interest

Non-catastrophic Life Care Plans Are NOW AFFORDABLE

When utilized on appropriate cases Life Care Plans maximize settlements. Until now LCPs have been utilized almost exclusively on catastrophic cases later in the litigation due to cost and cash flow constraints. By offering LCPs on a Lien MQ Financial will extend their use to many more non-catastrophic cases and catastrophic cases resulting in earlier and larger settlements. Often, the best settlements for clients can be achieved in pre-litigation cases when a Life Care plan, Vocational Assessment Report and an Economist Report (present value calculations) are submitted with a demand letter or in mediation.


  • No cash outlay and larger settlements boost firm profitability
  • Risk-free – only pay if case settles
  • Utilize LCP with Demands, at Mediation & Trial
  • Forces adjustors to raise Reserves
  • Cases settle sooner – often pre-litigation
  • Flat fee – no interest
  • Our Life Care Planners evaluate clients and testify
  • Our experts do NOT work on contingency. We pay for the LCP report / you pay for testimony
  • Vocational Assessment & Economist Reports are also available on a lien


  • Non-catastrophic $8,500
  • Catastrophic $17,000
  • $5,000-$6,000 Cash

2 Options

Cash upfront




Our Life Care Plans Quantify Present & Future Economic Damage For Medical Care & Vocational Loss

  • MVA
  • Slip & Fall
  • Brain Injury
  • Med Mal
  • Mass Tort

Thank you for introducing me to your Life Care Plan services. The Plan was well written, concise, and loaded with ammunition that I used effectively at a mediation. Once I served my adversary with the Plan, the case was scheduled for mediation within weeks. The case settled for $1,750,000 and the clients were very happy with the result. The best part is that I did not have to lay out $15,000 as a disbursement – your company offered it as payable upon settlement or resolution. Totally worth it!

Charles C. DeStefano, Esq , Staten Island, NY

The initial offer on my MVA case was $7,000 for a leg fx, herniated disc and fractured tooth. At mediation we were able to settle for $200,000 thanks to the Life Care Plan provided on a Lien. The LCP disbursement was first payable upon settlement – no out of pocket. Now I can afford to utilize LCPs regularly on worthy Non-catastrophic files and avoid trial.

Adolfo Lara, Esq, Tucson, Az