Economist Report on a Lien

● No out of pocket ● No Interest ● Pay at settlement

Often, the best settlements for clients can be achieved in pre-litigation when a Life Care plan, Vocational Assessment Report and an Economist Report (present value calculations) are submitted with a demand letter or in subsequent mediation.  Forensic Economist Reports contribute much more than present values of future medical care costs presented in Life Care Plans.

An Economist Report provides:

  • Present value calculations for past lost earnings and benefits
  • Present value calculations for past and future lost earning capacity
  • Present value calculations for past and future lost household services
  • Present value calculations for other possible losses not typically considered
  • Support of Life Care Plan and Vocational Assessment Reports through economic and financial modeling
  • Greater confidence in damages demands
  • Higher probability of pre-litigation settlements


  • Economic Report – $4,750 (addresses Life Care Plan or Vocational Report)
  • Economic Reports (2) -$7,500 (address both Life Care Plan & Vocational Reports)
  • Economic Reports (3) – $3,000 Cash

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