“Record Reform has become a vital part of our practice. My firm utilizes their services on every medical malpractice and nursing home case. Their MDs do all our chronologies and medical record summaries saving significant attorney and paralegal time . The hyperlink from the chronology to the actual medical records is extremely helpful. Plus, we are able to expense their reasonable $35 per hr cost as opposed to incorporating it into our overhead. I highly recommend these services to all attorneys at any PI firm.”
Mark Edwards, Esq
Edwards Law Firm
McAlester, OK

“Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort litigation is incredibly labor intensive and expensive. Record Reform’s Mass Tort Matrix provides the lowest cost threshold evaluations available and unlike our staff’s time, is billable to the file. They also do our Plaintiff Fact Sheets as well.Their MD reviews are consistently insightful.”
Steve Goldberg, Esq
Solon, Ohio

“This is an amazing product at an amazing price. And timely delivered. I can’t thank you enough for organizing and explaining these voluminous records in a way I can understand and utilize.”
Lesley Harris, Esq
Santa Cruz, CA

“Record Reform provides the perfect preparation tool for analysis, depositions, and trial. Having the ability to quickly pinpoint critical treatment dates in a mass of medical records gives our attorneys a distinct advantage at each stage of the litigation. Record Reform allows us to communicate with affordable skilled foreign physicians over the internet and receive their high-quality work, all while saving hundreds of firm hours.”
Andrew S. Buzin, Esq.
The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm
New York, NY

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