Threshold Evaluation Parameters

Threshold evaluations are undertaken to determine if class parameters are met. Hyperlinks to the claimant’s medical records confirm findings. Parameters include;

(i) Medical care date ranges, usage, dosage, quantity and duration within specified periods, proximity of injury to dates of ingestion, diagnoses, lab values, imaging studies or residential zip code.

(ii) Confirmation of side-effects – ie heart attack, heart disease, stroke, bone fractures, peripheral edema, macular edema, vision impairment, hepatitis, rapid weight gain, jaundice, hypoglycemia or death, or ;

(iii) Alternative causation by identifying other predisposing risk factors including pre-existing conditions, elements of comparative negligence (i.e. prescribing physician errors) and factors which may reflect contributory negligence (i.e., medication non-compliance).

Extracted medical data can easily be coded, presented in spreadsheet or factual summary format by chronological order or other sorting criteria that is requested. Enhanced file navigation can be provided with the addition of Bates Numbering, Hyperlinks.

Plaintiff Fact Sheets created upon request