Limb Length Discrepancy Post Hip Implant

Case Overview:Movie All Is Lost (2013)

PT had a hip implant on 12/1/13 and because of the way the surgery was done he stands lopsided to his L side (2 inch difference)
PT now has to wear implants in his shoes because he leans to the L.
PT states because of his lean it is causing additional complications with his R hip and back.
PT is told There is no corrective surgery that can be performed.

Is this an acceptable outcome?

medQuest Expert Responses:

2 inches of true limb length discrepancy is a lot and is likely not an acceptable known complication.
Dr JH – Orthopedics

A 2 inch leg length discrepancy is more than what would typically be considered within the standard of care. Review of the X-rays is critical.
Dr JM – Orthopedics