Learn How To Succeed In Hispanic Mass Tort Marketing – May 7-9


Hispanic marketing expert, Leslie Inzunza will share her insights on how to successfully reach and connect with the Hispanic audience. Leslie has 20 years of experience working with Latino community groups, government organizations, law firms and cultural institutions on Hispanic initiatives.

Discover how to best connect to and educate this new class of legal consumers;Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the future of Hispanics in mass tort litigation.

  • Gain insight into how Hispanics use pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Learn how and why informed consent fails with Hispanics who receive medical devices
  • Develop solid Hispanic media strategy BEFORE you buy
  • When segmentation to subgroups matters
  • Why buying Hispanic leads is (mostly) folly
  • Reach Hispanics thru savvy cross-marketing relationships
  • The importance of mobile marketing