IVC Filter Case Review Criteria

 IVC Filter Sample Evaluation



Confirmation of the IVC filter placement

The medical records are reviewed quickly to screen and identify whether the IVC filter was placed and evidence of device failure. If there is no indication of the IVC filter, then it is either a case of missing records or a baseless lawsuit.

Analysis of the details before the IVC filter placement

It is important to identify the patient’s pre-existing medical conditions that are absolute or relative for placement of the filter. Additional factors such as pregnancy, obesity need to be examined.

IVC Filter placement

Implant specific details such as device ID (including name, reference # and lot #), detailed description of the procedure (vena cava size, good infrarenal placement with imaging and patient education and consent) are noted in the summary

IVC Filter failure

This could be caused by a strut fracture, device migration (such as to the heart or back), tilting of device that could cause the strut(s) to perforate the IVC

Identification of the Signs and Complications of IVC Filter Failure

Admissions for constant chest or abdominal pain, pulmonary embolus, respiratory compromise hemorrhage, perforation of tissue, vessels and organs, constant anxiety or worry over the fact that metal shards are in the organs or even leading to death are identified

Failed retrieval attempt

Removal of device with the type of procedure, failed removal attempt with need for lifetime anti-coagulation and details of retained fractured strut are captured