Grow Settlements with MD Demands & Medical Cost Projections

Confront Adjusters with MD Demands & MCPs

Sample Demand LetterSample Medical Cost Projection
Exhibit A: Pain & Suffering

Exhibit B: Chronologies

Exhibit C: Medical Expenses

Exhibit D: Narrative Summaries

Exhibit E: Medical Cost Projections

  • Compel Adjusters to raise reserves
  • LCPer computes hard future medical costs
  • Ideal for $50K-$500K Cases
  • $2,000 upfront cost or $4,250 at settlement
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Our team of India-based MDs reduce, organize and review charts for $35/hr – a billable expense:


Sorting & Collating

Nursing Home Matrix

Mass Tort Evaluations & PFS

Deposition Summaries

Missing Records Report


Medical Opinions for $75/hr

Jury Questionnaire Summaries



After recently settling a liability claim for policy, I made a demand upon the UIM carrier-was offered $2,500. I ordered a Medical Cost Projection which documented my client’s needed future medical care. Confronted with hard numbers and well documented future medical treatment, they settled for $35,000. I could not have done it without your MCP.”


Bruce Roberts, Esq

Tyler, TX