Post Settlement

After a law firm wins a case or settles a claim, there’s often times a moral victory. Justice might have been served, but the cash award or settlement could easily be months or even years away. It’s a waiting game that causes undue stress and is a constant distraction from matters at-hand.

The answer is post-settlement funding, and, it certainly has its advantages:

  • Cash equals growth. Discovery costs, expert fees, staff benefits and wages, advertising, and other expenses don’t wait for the check in the mail. By using attorney fee acceleration, a firm can invest in itself, funding a big case, taking on new talent, or expanding its marketing.
  • No upfront fees. The trouble with debt instruments is there’s always a payment to make. Credit cards are no different, with high interest rates and fees. Conversely, attorney fee acceleration costs nothing up front.
  • Risk free. When a firm uses post-settlement funding, it gets the cash it needs without any risk; chasing the defendant becomes the work of the funding company alone.

Legal firms can tread water or take control of the monies they’ve worked so hard to win; it’s that simple. Post-settlement is ideal for getting paid in a timely manner, and, it’s worthwhile for personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, negligence, employment disputes, and class action lawsuits.