Fractured Femur During Hip Revision Surgery

Case Overview:
51 year old man goes in for hip revision surgery. During the procedure the surgeon fractures his femur. A rod and plate had to be inserted during the procedure.

Is this a known risk / complication of hip revision surgery?


generally yes, an intraoperative fracture is an expected complication.  will need further information to figure out if the occurence of the injury in this particular case was related to negligence, but with the limited data below, it will be easy for the defense to argue that this sort of thing just happens.
Dr SB – Orthopedist

Fracturing the femur during revision surgery is a very well known and recognized complication of revision hip surgery. In fact most surgeons enter surgery with plans to deal with that issue. The failure of the prior replacement usually thins out the femoral bone which makes it susceptible to fracture. Combine that with the typical difficulty in extracting the femoral stem (which while loose often is bound to some areas) and one can see how this complication is to be expected.
Dr CS – Orthopedist

Definitely a known risk of the procedure.
Dr RS – Orthopedist



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