Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort Evaluations – $35 per hr by MDs

pharm-medical-deviceMass Tort Law firms must prioritize cost containment when processing client files. Organizing, summarizing and reviewing medical charts of large plaintiff classes creates headaches for attorneys and staff alike. Keeping medical records in-house minimizes efficient use of staff resources and cannot be expensed to the file. Furthermore it creates huge volumes of paper that must be managed, including scanning for electronic delivery and storage. If any type of legal work requires efficiencies that necessitate an outside solution, it is Mass Tort litigation.

Our physicians in India reduce, organize and review digital files producing Threshold Evaluations and Plaintiff Fact Sheets for $35 per hour (pricing).

Record Reform employs over 100 India based physicians who review thousands of cases monthly. Physicians are organized into teams to handle specific litigations, e.g. TVM, Granuflo and Depuy, for rapid turnaround. Consistent quality with ability to review large plaintiff classes is the end result.

Our Mass Tort Matrix is ideal for screening large classes for as low as $70 per plaintiff.

Sample Case Evaluations