MD Sanction FAQs

Q: How long does it take to receive search results?

A: medQuest allows for two types of screening: single search and batch screening.

The single search allows you to query both individuals and entities on a one-at-a-time basis via our web site. Results are typically available within 48 hours.

With Batch screening, users submit a file, in a predetermined format, listing names of persons or entities (100+) that will be screened. Upon acceptance of the file for screening, medQuest provides an electronic listing of results within three-to-five business days.

For our clients’ protection, we maintain a zero-retention policy for on-line Web searches. Batch reports remain in your account directory for 60 days, after which, they are purged from the system. Therefore, we recommend printing and saving all search results for your records, as we do not maintain a search log of the names of individuals and/or entities you search.

Q: Are we subject to the regulations and guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?

A: medQuest is not subject to the regulations and guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

medQuest does not evaluate the information that is reported by State and Federal agencies reporting healthcare sanction information. Also, medQuest does not provide input in the decision-making process that governs organizations that use our information. We do not change or verify the accuracy of the information reported. The information provided by medQuest is used by our clients upon verification of that information through the Primary Source Agency responsible for reporting sanction information.

medQuest is not a Consumer Reporting Agency. We do not provide information to the general public.

Instead, we provide information to other organizations, information that is available to them if they wanted to find out the status of healthcare providers for themselves. We make it more convenient to obtain the information by providing a comprehensive database of information and, again, our clients are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information provided.

Q: Does medQuest perform criminal-background searches?

A: We do not have a program that searches the criminal history of healthcare providers. The medQuest database reports adverse actions and sanctions taken by Federal and State healthcare agencies. medQuest reports criminal convictions only if they have been reported by a healthcare agency via a disciplinary action listing.

Q: How far back do your disciplinary sources go to get information?

A: medQuest allows subscribers to look up the sanction history of both individuals and entities. The sanction information provided includes both current and historical sanction information. The sanction information service contains historical information reported over approximately 20 years, depending on whether the source agencies have publicly published dated disciplinary information. Some of the sources date back to the 1970s and 1980s. However, much of the information is dated from the 1990s.

Q: Do you use the National Practitioner Data Bank to gather any data?

A: medQuest does not use the National Practitioner Data Bank to gather information, as we do not have access to the data bank records. That information is restricted and limited to healthcare organizations that provide Credentialing verification and other services, etc. While medQuest does not use the National Practitioner Data Bank, we do have access to some of the same information that is reported to NPDB, as long as the information is public, published information.