“As a former medical malpractice lawyer I trust you to vet and secure superb experts. Your Curbside Counsel service is fantastic. It lets me screen cases without breaking the bank. On the cases that the experts find meritorious, it gives me the confidence and enthusiasm to proceed with the case, knowing that I have a winner, and a quality expert. Please feel free to use my name to promote this valuable service.”

Kevin McDonald, Esq.
Queller, Fisher, Dienst, Serrins, Washor & Kool, LLP
New York, NY

“I have found medQuest’s Curbside Counsel service to be invaluable in my practice. The majority of my potential case inquiries involve catastrophic outcomes, however the question always exists as to whether or not the standard of care was breached. It used to cost my firm thousands of dollars just to have one or two simple questions answered which would ordinarily satisfy both the client and the attorney. With Curbside Counsel I have been able to quickly, accurately and without expense determine which cases should be investigated with a formal review and which ones are without merit. I would not recommend any other expert service.”

Regis M. McClelland
The McClelland Law Group
Pittsburgh, Pa.

“medQuest’s Curbside Counsel Program is an invaluable resource for lawyers representing victims of medical malpractice. This program allows me to have several experts with outstanding credentials screen potential cases online without cost. On those that are found to have merit, I have an expert in place to fully review the case and testify. On those turned down because of lack of medical merit, I’ve provided my client and referring attorney with confirmation that a quality review of the medical issues has been performed.”

W. Thomas Smith, Esq.
Sugarman & Sugarman
Boston, Mass.

“Great service. Curbside Counsel enhances my ability to investigate cases. The service saves my firm money and focuses investigations on viable issues. I receive answers from qualified physicians from all areas of medicine quickly. I can then select my trial expert from the supportive initial reviewers.”

Marc Brecher, Esq.
Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer & Brecher
Philadelphia, Pa