Curbside Counsel: A Subscription Service for Unlimited Case Reviews

$1500 introductory subscription fee entitles all firm members to forward an unlimited number of case synopses to testifying experts for curbside reviews for one year.

Never tried Curbside Counsel before? Get your first submission for free.

First-Email us your case synopsis (including client/parties)
and-We’ll forward it to several medQuest expert witness reviewers in the relevant specialty*
then-Expert opinions are sent directly to you, with no obligation
finallyYOU decide if you’d like a formal review by any of them, we’ll forward the expert(s) CV(s) for your approval.

* Supportive experts are available for testimony

Submit Your Synopsis

To subscribe, forward your check payable to:

medQuest Ltd.
345 Seventh Ave.
Suite #1401
NY, NY 10001

Sample Curbsides

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