“I recently employed a 3D Volume Rendering, created by medQuest, Ltd., at trial with great success. The 3D movie of my client’s actual anatomy was admitted into evidence without objection. It effectively educated and impressed the jury, greatly contributing to a plaintiff’s verdict with an award that more than doubled the original defense offer. I expect cost-effective 3D Volume Renderings to become the ‘gold standard’ of presentation tools, making other demonstrative aids obsolete in cases involving CTs, MRIs and MRAs. I strongly recommend this exciting new technology and will continue to employ it in the future.”

Jeffrey R. Lessin, Esq.
Jeffrey R. Lessin Law Offices
Philadelphia, PA

“In today’s CSI television world, jurors not only want, but expect, interesting and informative technology to be used in the presentation of evidence. I recently utilized MedQuest’s 3-D Volume Rendering in tandem with expert testimony to educate my jurors in a spinal cord injury case. They were both fascinated and very impressed as was evidenced by their $4.5 million award ($1.5 million offer). I cannot envision any scenario where I wouldn’t use this same technology in my future spinal cord or brain injury cases”.

Philip Harnett Corboy, Jr.
Corboy & Demetrio
Chicago, Illinois

“In a recent motor vehicle case, medQuest, Ltd. created 3D Volume Renderings of my client’s cervical and lumbar spine, and shoulder, from MRI and CT scans. These exhibits showed in graphic detail the acute herniations of the cervical and lumbar spine, and the torn rotator cuff and shoulder instability, much more effectively than the radiographic film plates. This new technology is advantageous for trial lawyers, since it creates an active and dynamic courtroom presentation.”

Barry S. Huston, Esq.
New York, NY

“As a trial attorney who litigates cases involving head and spine injuries across the country, I am always exploring the latest advances in courtroom aids. 3D Volume Rendering is the most compelling and effective visual tool available because the superior clarity and detail of the images arises from the actual anatomy. medQuest, Ltd.’s workstation is the most functional of all those I’ve evaluated, creating virtually unlimited presentation possibilities. That, combined with the expertise of medQuest, Ltd. radiologists and technicians specifically trained in 3D Volume Rendering, will vividly bring to life the significance of your client’s injuries for the jury.”

Michael Flomenhaft, Esq.
Flomenhaft & Cannata
New York, NY

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