Fees & Procedures

3D Animations

Quote provided once presentation outline determined.

3D Volume Rendering (actual injuries)


Standard Volume Rendering AVI file (typically 10-20 seconds)$1,750 (2-4 weeks)
$2,000 (1-2 weeks)
$2,250 (less than 1 week)
Multiple Volume Renderings from same data set
(ex. patient suffered head, spine and knee injuries)
Subsequent renderings:
$725 (per AVI and set of static images)


A retainer including any applicable rush surcharge is required in advance, payable by attorney or law firm check.


How to obtain suitable data on CD from the healthcare provider.

a. Requesting Your Client’s Digital Data for CTs, MRIs & MRAs

b. Sending Your Client for a CT, MRI or MRA for a Future 3D Volume Rendering

Ship to

3D Volume Rendering
medQuest, Ltd.
345 7th ave. Suite #504
New York, NY 10001

Based on your instructions and using the optimizing protocols of our workstation, our radiologist and technicians will create a 3D Volume Rendering, converting it into a movie (AVI file) and a set of high-resolution static images (JPEGs or BMPs). We will send you these files on CD. For optimal viewing and playing, save these files to your PC or your laptop.

You may wish to customize the movie. Our workstation’s functionality enables us to alter or add any of the functions listed below. Please review this list before contacting us via email or phone for assistance by our technician and/or radiologist.

  • Zoom, angle, rotation, pan
  • The thickness of the cut-plane slab
  • The view orientation (left, right, anterior, posterior, etc.)
  • Isolating organs or any anatomical area
  • Subtracting unwanted anatomy such as bone or tissue
  • Various window formats (1×1, 2×2, etc.)
  • Side-by-side comparisons for injury progression
  • Annotations
  • Measurements
  • Image color (overall change or highlighting) and brightness
  • Background color
  • Thumbnail views
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