MRIs & CTs in 3D – Maximize Recovery

Effective use of technology can have a dramatic impact at mediation or at trial. Today’s jurors, no longer content to view enlarged still photographs or medical films on a shadow box, expect and prefer multimedia presentations. medQuest is pleased to offer fully admissible 3D Volume Renderings to maximize your recovery.

“Volume Rendering” refers to the reconstruction and visualization of data from medical scanners. CT and MRI scanners generate 2D cross-sectional parallel slices through the body. These images have traditionally been given to patients solely on sheets of film.

Since most healthcare providers digitally store the patient’s data for years, attorneys and their clients can in most cases obtain the data on CD in addition to the films. Please note that the healthcare provider itself does not need 3D Volume Rendering capabilities, only the ability to provide the data on CD or MOD (Magneto-Optical disc).

Send us a copy of the CD from the healthcare provider. Our FDA-approved workstation creates Volume Renderings from the data on the CD.

MRI – Brain AtrophyMRI - Brain AtrophyCT – Tibia Fracture with HardwareCT - Tibia Fracture With Hardware
CT – Cervical FusionCT - Cervical FusionCT – HemorrhageCT – Hemorrhage
MRA – Carotid StenosisMRA - Carotid StenosisCT – Brain Tumor

AVI - Brain Tumor
CT – MesotheliomaCT - MesotheliomaCT – Cervical SubluxationCT - Cervical Subluxation
CT – HematomaCT - HematomaCT – Cervical Spine with HardwareCT - Cervical Spine with Hardware
CT – Lumbar Spine with HardwareCT - Lumbar Spine with HardwareMRI – Spine – Degenerated DiscMRI - Spine - Degenerated Disc
CT – Cerebral AneurysmCT - Cerebral AneurysmCT – Ankle HardwareCT - Ankle Hardware
JPG – Cerebral AneurysmJPG - Cerebral AneurysmCT – Pelvic FractureCT - Pelvic Fracture
CT – DentalCT - DentalCT – Facial FracturesCT - Facial Fractures
CT – Cervical Spine with HardwareCT - Cervical Spine with HardwareMRI – ScoliosisMRI - Scoliosis
CT – Fractured VertebraeCT - Fractured VertebraeAVI – 4D HeartAVI - 4D Heart
CT – Abdominal scan #1CT - Abdominal scan #1CT – Aortic DissectionCT - Aortic Dissection
CT – Aortic AneurysmCT - Aortic AneurysmCT – Lumbar SpineCT - Lumbar Spine
AVI – 4D Heart MIPAVI - 4D Heart MIPCT – Left Ear CholesteatomaCT - Left Ear Cholesteatoma
CT – 3D HeartCT - 3D HeartCT – Cervical SpineCT - Cervical Spine
CT – Defective TireCT ? Defective TireCT – Impaled NailCT ? Impaled Nail
MRI – Abdominal scan #2MRI - Abdominal scan #2CT – Colon Flythrough – PolypCT - Colon Flythrough - Polyp
JPG – Colon PolypJPG - Colon PolypCT – Spine StudyCT - Spine Study
MRI – Pulmonary EmbolusMRI - Pulmonary EmbolusJPG – Pulmonary EmbolusJPG - Pulmonary Embolus
JPG – Carotid StenosisJPG - Carotid StenosisJPG – Cervical SubluxationJPG - Cervical Subluxation
JPG – Degenerated DiscJPG - Degenerated DiscJPG – Rotator Cuff – Partial TearJPG - Rotator Cuff - Partial Tear
JPG – Spine FractureJPG - Spine Fracture  

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