Experts Discuss MRSA & C-Diff Cases Worth Pursuing

Our Infectious Disease Experts Identify Viable MRSA Claims


1- Failure to recognize MRSA soft-tissue infection. Conventional teaching is to treat skin and soft-tissue infections with agents such as cephalexin or its intravenous counterpart, cefazolin.


2 – Patient with history of MRSA and recurrent soft-tissue infection is assumed to have MRSA until proven otherwise. To treat such a patient with a wound infection with an agent such as cephalexin delays appropriate therapy and subjects the patient to unnecessary complications.

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C-Diff Cases Worth Pursuing


1- Inappropriate antibiotic use can cause this condition which can be fatal.
2- Use of anti-peristaltic Rx such as Imodium or Lomotil is contraindicated in C. diff and can lead to toxic megacolon and death or need for total colectomy.
3- Failure to treat long enough or to discontinue offending antibiotic therapy are also problematic.

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