ER Failure to Dx & Treat Stroke / Current Stroke Criteria

ER Failure to Dx and Treat Stroke Leads to Diminished Lifestyle

Potential med mal claim involving a failure to give TPA in a 62 yo stroke patient at who presented to the ER at with stroke symptoms. TPA was ordered initially, and then the order was cancelled when the pt’s symptoms supposedly improved.

Case Facts: Per the client’s wife: She last saw her husband normal at around 14:30. After that, they were on separate levels of the house until about 16:00. At around 16:00, he came upstairs and complained of numbness and tingling. His speech was slurred and he had R-sided weakness.
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medQuest Neurologist Discusses Current Criteria For Diagnosing & Treating Stroke
The major liability issues regarding stroke revolve around the use of tPA (tissue plasminogen activator…clot busting drug).  Not administering the drug for a qualified patient may likely constitute a departure from good and accepted practice.

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