Cut Medical Record Review Time In Half


For $35/hr, Our Physicians in India organize medical records chronologically into easy-to-read and navigate digital files enabling you to review more efficiently

Why Do Medical Experts Prefer Record Reform?

Having done expert reviews for fifteen years, I find Record Reform has revolutionized my reviewing process.  Storing records and voluminous charts is no longer an issue, as they can be easily and quickly accessed–even years after the initial review.  The meticulous organization of the files lets me get right to the review, rather than trying to sort out the files first.  This easily slashes my reviewing time in half.   Dr MB – Urologist – New York, NY 

As an expert reviewer, I have found Record Reform extremely useful. The medical records I receive from attorneys range from well organized at best, to completely haphazard. Charts from Record Reform are chronologically organized into relevant chapters tabbed and hyperlinked for easy location. Reviewing time is reduced significantly. The electronic file enables me to do reviews on my iPad or computer, eliminating transport and storage hassles. The post-it note feature is also very useful.   Dr SB – Opthamologist – New Jersey