Plaintiff had laparoscopic surgery on June 8. After surgery she had abdominal pain, elevated bilirubin and white blood cell count at 16,000. On June 17 HIDA scan showed findings consistent with a leak. The common bile duct was not seen. On June 19 ERCP performed revealed a large bile leak treated by a stent placement. Staples in the region of the common bile duct were seen. Stenosis was found 20 mm in the common hepatic duct. This surgery was based on an acute cholecystitis. It appears that the surgeon mistakenly identified the common bile duct as the cystic duct. The surgeon did not discuss with the plaintiff the option of an open operation. The plaintiff continues to have complications after several surgeries.


This appears to be a common bile duct injury or transection that was unrecognized, with a delay in diagnosis leading to further complications. My initial impression is that this is a meritorious case. – Dr MM

This is an actionable case which generally leads to a settlement as this complication was not diagnosed in the normal timely fashion. – Dr DL