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Med Mal attorney directed Fresh experts – ongoing recruitment of experts minimizes overuse MedQuest exits the case after initial review Work directly with our experts to avoiding collateral attack Rapid turnaround – file reviewed within 24-48 hours if necessary Costs minimized on non-meritorious reviews Volume discounts when on 2 or more reviews are sent together […]

Seeking Quality OBGYN or General Surgeon Experts?

Are you in need of quality OBGYN and General Surgery experts to review and testify on Medical Malpractice or PI matters? Please consider our consultants below; General Surgery NY Mt. Sinai General Surgery CA UCSF General Surgery/Colorectal MI Wayne State General Surgery/Colorectal NY Columbia General Surgery/Onc CA UCSF General Surgery/Trauma OH Ohio State University OBGYN NY […]

Ureter Severed During Hysterectomy

plaintiff, 35 years old, w/ history of removed uterus in 2010, had open laparotomy  in Feb. 2015 to remove fallopian tubes and ovaries. Surgery complicated by extensive adhesions and plaintiff’s morbid obesity. Plaintiff’s left ureter was severed in the surgery, but was not discovered before closing additional reading. After 2 months of abdominal pain, a […]

Patient Suffers Heart Attack and Death Following Facelift

58 y/o female has a history of ischemic heart disease and COPD. Surgical history of stent placement for LAD disease in 2003. In February 2012 seen by her cardiologist for recurring ischemic chest pain and is put on nitroglycerin prn. March 2012 goes  for a facelift. clearance is obtained by patient’s GP, but not cardiologist. […]

Radiologist’s Failure To Follow up Leads To Death

Radiologist’s Failure To Follow up Abnormal Chest X-Ray Leads To Death – Plaintiff was a 54 year old male experiencing shortness of breath, cough, fever and chills.The doctor ordering the chest x-ray left his office that Friday afternoon before the X-ray was read. The radiologist interprets the x-ray at 5:10 pm as follows: There is vascular […]

ER Failure to Dx & Treat Stroke / Current Stroke Criteria

ER Failure to Dx and Treat Stroke Leads to Diminished Lifestyle Potential med mal claim involving a failure to give TPA in a 62 yo stroke patient at who presented to the ER at with stroke symptoms. TPA was ordered initially, and then the order was cancelled when the pt’s symptoms supposedly improved. Case Facts: […]