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Researchers are continuing to learn more about the condition, but reports suggest several common complaints: • Symptoms typically develop within days or weeks of an MRI or MRA; • Initial side effects usually involve persistent headache, clouded thinking, bone and joint paint; • Thickening of soft tissue, which may appear spongy or rubbery; • Painful […]

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Instantly get Adjuster’s attention with Demand Package & MCPs Sample Demand Letter Sample Medical Cost Projection Exhibit A: Pain & Suffering Exhibit B: Chronologies Exhibit C: Medical Expenses Exhibit D: Narrative Summaries Exhibit E: Medical Cost Projections Compel Adjusters to raise reserves LCPer computes hard future medical costs Ideal for $50K-$500K Cases $2,000 upfront cost or $4,250 at settlement Learn […]

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  MCPs Document Cost of Future Care with No Out of Pocket MVA ♦ Premises ♦ Slip & Fall ♦ WC ♦ Med Mal   Client Testimonial: I recently used medQuest’s Medical Cost Projection Report on an MVA case. The MCP Report took into consideration all recommended future treatment for each provider. Normally, it would take an additional 3 […]

Settle Early, Settle Often w/ Medical Cost Projections. Now for Cases up to $500K

MCPs Push Adjusters to Boost Reserves  & Settlements on Cases Valued up to $500K MVA ♦ Premises ♦ Slip & Fall ♦ WC “I recently used a Medical Cost Projection Report on an MVA case. Client received chiropractic care, cervical MRI, and one epidural injection. The MCP Report took into consideration all recommended future treatment for each provider. Normally, it would take an additional 3 […]