Patient was in OR for tubal ligation, during procedure patient suffered cardiac arrest and was resuscitated. When the doctor (ob/gyn) returned to the incision site she noted a bowel perforation. A general surgeon was called in to repair the damage, and chose to not remove the damaged portion of bowel and repaired the damage. Patient’s abdomen was then washed out of the bowel contents that had leaked into the abdomen and the tubal ligation continued and was completed successfully. Because of the damage to her bowel patient suffered some additional pain and suffering and a longer recovery period and lost wages.


Perforating the bowel during the procedure was below the standard of care if there was no distortion of the anatomy or extensive adhesions. Since it was recognized during the surgery, there was no significant delay in the diagnosis and treatment. Dr. DP – OBGYN

Perforating the bowel during a tubal ligation is not malpractice and was timely diagnosed. Dr. VB – OBGYN

Bowel injury is a known complication and this repair was done in a timely fashion. It was recognized during the case and repaired- that is the standard. Dr. JH – OBGYN