Bowel Perf During Colonoscopy / Radiologist’s Failure To F/U Causes Death / Foot Drop Post Hip Surgery

Sample Curbsides:
Bowel Perforation During Colonoscopy
67 y/o female goes in for routine colonoscopy. GI perforates her bowel and does not recognize it and sends her home. She develops severe pain and returns to the hospital the following evening. She undergoes a bowel resection and is hospitalized for 2 weeks and in rehab for several months. I know that the act of perforating is not negligence,
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Radiologist’s Failure To F/U Leads To Death
Plaintiff was a 54 year old male experiencing shortness of breath, cough, fever and chills.The doctor ordering the chest x-ray left his office that Friday afternoon before the X-ray was read. The radiologist interprets the x-ray at 5:10 pm as follows: There is vascular congestion and perihilar infiltrates. Cardiomegaly with congestive changes underlying infiltrate/pneumonia cannot be excluded.
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Foot Drop Post Hip Replacement Surgery
Patient had right hip replacement surgery. Post-surgery pt had pain and weakness in right lower extremity and was diagnosed with foot drop. She was told that it would take a year or so for the nerve to repair itself and was fitted with a brace. One and a half years later patient can’t walk without the brace and has severe pain and muscle atrophy.