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Patient Suffers Heart Attack and Death Following Facelift

58 y/o female has a history of ischemic heart disease and COPD. Surgical history of stent placement for LAD disease in 2003. In February 2012 seen by her cardiologist for recurring ischemic chest pain and is put on nitroglycerin prn. March 2012 goes  for a facelift. clearance is obtained by patient’s GP, but not cardiologist. […]

Radiologist’s Failure To Follow up Leads To Death

Radiologist’s Failure To Follow up Abnormal Chest X-Ray Leads To Death – Plaintiff was a 54 year old male experiencing shortness of breath, cough, fever and chills.The doctor ordering the chest x-ray left his office that Friday afternoon before the X-ray was read. The radiologist interprets the x-ray at 5:10 pm as follows: There is vascular […]