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  Three Options To Review Your Malpractice Cases for Less   Informal MD Opinions Formal MD Record Review $975 Annual subscription Online No Records – No Charge Unlimited & firmwide By up to 5 testifying experts First submission is free Testifying US Medical Experts $750 per review for 2 or more cases (normally $950)* Not overused Mostly […]

Baby’s Skull Fractured During Delivery

Baby’s Skull Fractured During Delivery – At 22:00 it is reported that dilation was 4.0, effacement 50 and station -2. At 23:01 contraction frequency was 3 and contraction duration 60-90. At 23:53 contraction frequency was 3-4 and duration 40-100. At 23:55 the patient requested an epidural. At 00:08 the patient was positioned on the side […]

Experts Discuss MRSA & C-Diff Cases Worth Pursuing

Our Infectious Disease Experts Identify Viable MRSA Claims   1- Failure to recognize MRSA soft-tissue infection. Conventional teaching is to treat skin and soft-tissue infections with agents such as cephalexin or its intravenous counterpart, cefazolin.   2 – Patient with history of MRSA and recurrent soft-tissue infection is assumed to have MRSA until proven otherwise. […]

Seeking Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Experts?

Consider Trying Our Testifying Experts – Orthopedic Neurosurgery Shoulder MA Harvard Vascular CA UCLA Sports GA Emory Vascular RI Brown Trauma VA GWU Pediatrics AZ U. of Arizona Oncology TX U. of Texas Pediatrics CA UCLA Foot & Ankle NY Colombia Spine RI Brown Hip MO U. of Mo Oncology NJ Seton Hall Pediatric PA […]

Uncommon Injuries Post Hip Surgery

Complications or Malpractice? Foot Drop Post Hip Replacement Patient had right hip replacement surgery. Post- surgery pt had pain and weakness in right lower extremity and was diagnosed with foot drop. Read More – Limb Length Discrepancy Post Hip Implant Patient had a hip implant on 12/1/13 and because of the way the surgery was […]