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Is your Firm IN or OUT?

Keeping Your Medical Records Workload In-house is Outdated (and inefficient)   Get them out – offshored, outsourced…out of your hair. Save yourself and your staff the headaches while expensing work to the file. – Get medical records off your workload. Increase staff efficiency. Stay in the game. – Click Here To Learn More

Alveolar Nerve Injured During Molar Extraction

Case Overview Client underwent a wisdom tooth extraction and suffered injury to the right Inferior Alveolar Nerve eventually resulting in a right sagittal split osteotomy of the mandible. Injury is permanent. Issue 1. Is this a known risk? 2. Could the injury have been avoided? 3. Is this a type of injury that occurs in […]

Power Morcellator Case Evaluation Criteria

Power morcellators are sharp tube-shaped blades that are most often used for laparoscopic or robotic hysterectomies and fibroid removal surgeries. It is used in minimally invasive procedures to grind uterine tissue and fibroids into fragments so that the material may be removed from the body via a small incision in the abdomen. Since the late […]

Slash Expert Chart Review Time & Case Screening Costs

   Our MD Chronologies Cut Chart Review Time by 50%  Physicians in India review & organize easy to navigate digital files for $35/hr – a billable expense. See How with Bookmarks & Hyperlinks   Why Do Medical Experts Prefer Record Reform? Having done reviews for 15 years I find Record Reform has revolutionized my review […]