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Chiropractic Manipulation Causes Stroke

Case Overview: Plaintiff is 62 years old. Went to a chiropractor for treatment of a pinched nerve in his back. He wanted to get chiropractic treatment before going hunting. The chiropractor apparently tore his vertebral artery on the left. His wife took him to Hospital where he was diagnosed with a stroke secondary to the […]

Baby’s Skull Fractured During Delivery

At 22:00 it is reported that dilation was 4.0, effacement 50 and station -2. At 23:01 contraction frequency was 3 and contraction duration 60-90. At 23:53 contraction frequency was 3-4 and duration 40-100. At 23:55 the patient requested an epidural. At 00:08 the patient was positioned on the side of the bed for the epidural […]

8 Reasons To Offshore Your Medical Record Services

– Just $35 per hour Over 100 MD Reviewers CEO a former Trial Lawyer Billable to File Free Up Staff Reduce Costs Fast Turnaround Paperless  Our 100+ Physicians in India review & organize medical records chronologically into easy-to-navigate digital files for $35/hr Medical Chronologies & Timelines Demand Letters Threshold Evaluations & Plaintiff Fact Sheets Nursing Home […]

Right Arm Paralysis Post Anterior Cervical Discectomy

A 79 year old who had cervical stenosis and spinal cord compression C3-T1. Dr. performed an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with allograft bone and plate C3-C6. Postoperatively he was noted to have increased weakness of his right arm, primarily in the deltoid and biceps as well as some mild weakness in his right lower […]

Spleen Laceration During Colonoscopy

Have a case where a woman went in for her second screening colonoscopy and sustained a severe spleen laceration, hospitalization, spleen removal and almost died . No abdominal surgeries or change in anatomy between first screening colonoscopy and second one that resulted in laceration. Is this ever a deviation …? She was discharged home with […]

ER Failure To Diagnose Stroke

Case Overview: A 57-yr. old male presented to the hospital ED with intermittent and progressive chest discomfort with SOB. On day of presentation, he developed some right hand and arm numbness with slight swelling. History of MI with angioplasty 15 years earlier, echo 4 years earlier with normal function; stress test two years earlier with […]