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Blindness Following ER Failure to Dx Stroke

34 year old Caucasian patient presents to the emergency room to on February 13, 2012 at approximately 11:00 a additional info.m., complaining of nausea, vomiting and pneumonia-type symptoms. Patient is 5’7” tall and weighs approximately 189 lbs. He presented with a low grade temperature of 97.1 and gave a history of having high cholesterol. A […]

ER Failure to Dx and Treat Stroke

Patient, a 40 year old female African American visited the Emergency Department on June 11th due to increasing instances of debilitating migraines. The CT-Scan came back negative and she was released to follow up with a neurologist for possible MRI. Appointments were not made. Three weeks later she returned to the Emergency Department and had […]