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STROKE FOLLOWING FAILURE TO ANTICOAGULATE; 67 yo WM with paroxysmal A Fib arrives at ER with TIA. He gives history of being on coumadin but his INR is 1.04 (subtherapeutic). Admitted for observation on aspirin then Plavix. No anticoagulation. About 20 hours after arrival, he has a massive stroke. Issue Should the patient have been […]

Erbs Palsy Following Uneventful Delivery

My client is the mother of a seven year old child who was delivered vaginally with no documented complications at the time of delivery. However, he immediately exhibited symptoms of Erb’s Palsy on the left and is continuing neurological and physical therapy treatment for brachial plexus injury. The delivery note states in pertinent part: The […]

tPA Not Indicated for Stroke Patient

Case involves a 74 y/o male who became dizzy with left sided weakness at home when getting up from bed. He fell into the bed post, injuring his eyebrow w/ bleed on 6/25/09 at approximately 3:48 am. Ambulance was called and he advised EMS that he had noticed left sided arm & leg weakness & […]


Plaintiff had laparoscopic surgery on June 8. After surgery she had abdominal pain, elevated bilirubin and white blood cell count at 16,000. On June 17 HIDA scan showed findings consistent with a leak. The common bile duct was not seen. On June 19 ERCP performed revealed a large bile leak treated by a stent placement. […]