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Foot Drop Post Laminectomy

40 yo male professional athlete suffered an L4-5 disk herniation to the right and lumbar stenosis at the same level. He underwent a decompressive laminectomy and BAK cage and pedicle screw fixation fusion.  Multiple disk fragments were noted under the L5 nerve root including below the axilla of the L5 root between the common dural sac and the axilla […]

Brachial Plexus Injury Post Mastectomy

Case Overview Patient diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months later underwent a bilateral mastectomy with deep tissue reconstruction. Pt couldn’t move arms. Back to surgery from clotting of left breast and within 10 hours-had to re-vascularize the breast. Functional use came back fully on left side, right side has yet to come back. Limited ROM […]

Gall Bladder Surgery Severs Bile Duct

BILE DUCT SEVERED DURING GALL BLADDER SURGERY Case Overview Client has gall bladder removed (Cholecystectomy) at Hospital. Surgeon severed the bile duct which required subsequent repair. Issue Is this malpractice or just a risk of the surgery? MEDQUEST EXPERT RESPONSE: Extremely commonly asked question. Just because the rate by which some event occurs is known, […]