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Foot Drop Post Hip Replacement Surgery

Case Overview Patient had right hip replacement surgery. Post- surgery pt had pain and weakness in right lower extremity and was diagnosed with foot drop. She was told that it would take a year or so for the nerve to repair itself and was fitted with a brace. One and a half years later patient […]

C-Diff Cases Worth Pursuing

  1- Inappropriate antibiotic use can cause this condition which can be fatal. 2- Use of anti-peristaltic Rx such as Imodium or Lomotil is contraindicated in C. diff and can lead to toxic megacolon and death or need for total colectomy. 3- Failure to treat long enough or to discontinue offending antibiotic therapy are also […]

Cataract Surgery Cases Worth Pursuing

  MEDQUEST OPHTHALMOLOGY  EXPERTS IDENTIFY CATARACT SURGERY CASES WORTH PURSUING Endophthalmitis – infection inside the eye is a common complication requiring early recognition, and immediate referral to a retina specialist. Failure to refer out patients with pain and/or decreased vision up to 10 days after surgery is a departure often resulting in significant vision loss.        […]

Pre-litigation Life Care Plans with Demand Pay Off

Our MD Physiatrist’s Life Care Plans Settle Cases with Demand Within Weeks of the Injury For Policy Limits – Use Pre-litigation Life Care Plans Where: Good liability Insurance Coverage generally $50,000-$1,000,000 Injuries are serious and/or permanent Demonstrable evidence of injury Learn how a Life Care Planner can lead to earlier & larger settlements Demand Letters By […]

Misplacement of Pedicle Screws

40 y/o female. Surgery in Oct. 2011 for decompression at L 2-3 and L-5 – S1 fusion with instrumentation. After surgery she could not move left foot at all. Eventually got some feeling and motor back. Now walks with a cane – significant pain. Surgeon wanted to go back in for exploratory. Patient went for […]

Expose Experts & Defendants

One Database Provides What State Licensing Boards Can’t   The single most comprehensive search tool to uncover ALL public adverse findings against ALL medical professionals and entities in the US.   We provide in one database what state licensing boards don’t: Disciplinary proceedings and license restrictions from ALL 50 states Federal – Medicare Fraud and […]