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Emergency Room Failure to Diagnose MI

56 year old man presents to ER with complaints of epigastric pain. AN EKG is ordered and interpreted as normal as is an abdominal sonogram. No further cardiac work-up is done. Patient remains in ER for over 12 hours with unremitting epigastric complaints. Presumptive diagnosis of pancreatitis is made, but no definitive diagnosis is ever […]

Baby Fractures Skull During Delivery

At 22:00 it is reported that dilation was 4.0, effacement 50 and station -2. At 23:01 contraction frequency was 3 and contraction duration 60-90. At 23:53 contraction frequency was 3-4 and duration 40-100. At 23:55 the patient requested an epidural. At 00:08 the patient was positioned on the side of the bed for the epidural […]