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Type 2 Diabetic Drugs

Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors (Gliflozins) – Case Review – Focus blocks SGLT2 inhibitors are a new group of oral medications used for treating type 2 diabetes. When untreated, type 2 diabetes can lead to serious problems, including blindness, nerve and kidney damage, and heart disease. These medicines are available as single-ingredient products and also in […]

Get ‘The Take’ On Your Medical Records Faster

Review Medical Records Faster With Greater Comprehension  Using $35/hr MD Chronologies & Med-a-Word Chronologies Med-A-Word   Record Reform’s team of over one hundred MDs in India reduce, organize and review charts for $35/hr, a billable expense, producing: – Medical Chronologies & Timelines Demand Letters Mass Tort Evaluations & Plaintiff Fact Sheets Nursing Home Matrix Medical Expense […]

Let The Jury Feel Your Client’s Pain & Suffering

Our MDs Depict Pain & Suffering Through Pain Med Prescriptions Post Accident – Physicians utilize pain med prescriptions to depict pain & suffering in Demand Letters, Mediation & at Trial See How – Why Our Clients Are Drawn To Offshoring: – Just $35 per hour Reduce Overhead CEO a former US Trial Lawyer Free Up Staff File […]

Why Are 2000 Firms Offshoring Medical Record Services

– Here’s why our clients are drawn to offshoring: Just $35 per hour Reduce Overhead CEO a former US Trial Lawyer Free Up Staff File Expense Over 100 MD Reviewers in India Fast Turnaround Paperless Our Physicians organize medical records chronologically into easy-to-read  and navigate digital files cutting staff and expert reviewing time, producing: – PI & […]

Demand Letters by MDs Get Top Dollar

Adjustors Take Notice of MD Demand Letters $35 per hour ♦ File Expense ♦ Free Quotes – Our Physicians work with a US Attorney to prepare Demand Letters & Medical Chronologies after reviewing medical records, bills & expenses. – See Sample: Demand Letter with Exhibits –  – Exhibit A:   Exhibit B:    Exhibit C: Exhibit D: Medical Expenses Pain […]

To The Point: Jury Data Summaries Get You There

    Improve Your Jury Selection With Questionnaire Summaries   The Challenge During jury selection often thousands of pages of completed jury questionnaires are compiled. Important juror details may be overlooked due to the sheer volume of data and time constraints. Our Solution – Questionnaire Summaries Email us completed juror questionnaires (MS Word) Provide us with key […]